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The main scope of activities of “Chimimport” AD includes the acquisition of shares, the restructuring and management of subsidiaries belonging to the portfolio of companies, establishment of new subsidiaries companies, capital investments and financing other enterprises where “Chimimport”
AD is a shareholder:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Production of oil and gas
  • Production and trading with petrolium products
  • Buying up, processing and trading with grain and oilseed oils
  • Trading with chemicals and fertilizers
  • Aviation transport and ground activities related to aircrafts maintenance and repairs
  • River transport
  • Maritime transport

“Chimimport” AD is a reliable business partner to world leading companies such as: BASF, Celltech England, Rhone Poulenc, Sandoz, Shell, Estel Establishment, Bayer, Bio Rad (France), Cargill (Switzerland), Kela Laboratoria (Belgium), Plastotechnica (Italy), Exxon, Texaco (USA), Glencore Inv. AG, Elf Aguitaine, Sonatrach (Algeria), Tuprash (Turkey), Agrosin (Singapore), LUK OIL, Alfred Toepfer (Germany), “Northgasprom” (Russia), Tofan (Romania), Stahanov (Ukraine), Cieh (Poland) and other companies. For more than 30 years now “Chimimport” AD has kept excellent commercial relations with different companies and isntitutions in Egypt, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan. Traditionally “Chimimport” AD maintains partner relations with Drezdner Bank, UEB, UBS, AMEX and some other banks.


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