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Bulgaria Air is a joint stock company, national carrier of the Republic of Bulgaria. By 14th February 2007 sole proprietor of the company was the state in the form of the Ministry of Transport, and thereafter the company has been privatized.  

Holder of the capital is Bulgarian Airways Group, whereas one of the shares with serial number No.1 is property of the Bulgarian state. The capital of the company amounts to BGN 120 million – 120 thousand shares of face value BGN 1,000 each.

The airline is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International IATA Clearing House and the BSP.


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    Regular flights from Sofia, Varna and Bourgas to 22 major cities in Europe and the Middle East, as well as domestic flights to Varna and Bourgas

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    Charter and business flights to more than 100 destinations - Aircraft of the company are hired throughout the year by big tour operators for carriage of tourists to various destination in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. "Ad-hoc" charters are also offered – single charter flights for corporate and private clients

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    Aircraft lease – aircraft are offered for wеt and dry lease to other airlines in Europe and the Middle East

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    Carriage of cargo and mail – the airline works with all shipping agents registered on the Bulgarian market and with selected partners on the international markets

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    On board sales – on board its aircraft the airline offers the Sky Shop service – sales of various articles on flights within the EU and duty free sales on flights to destinations beyond the EU

Bulgaria Air distributes its product on the Bulgarian market via travel agencies and tour operators, the offices of Central Cooperative Bank throughout the country, as well as via its own Call Centre and its own sales offices, inclusive of the Internet site www.air.bg and mobile app Bulgaria Air. The airline works with come 180 travel agencies and tour operators in the country.

The company has offices in Sofia, Varna and Burgas (seasonal – form June till September, at BOJ airport) and representatives in London and Moscow.

The airline has completed its ambitious programme for expansion and optimization of its operations. Bulgaria Air made investments for modernization of its fleet of aircraft and for obtaining last generation of technology for more efficient management of its business operations.

Ground services for "Bulgaria Air" are provided by Swissport Bulgaria.

The service maintenance of all aircraft is done at the aviation technical base of Lufthansa Technik – Sofia.

Most of the investments were targeted for replacement of the existing fleet with new aircraft from the Airbus concern, as well as from the Embraer concern, which in 2012 added to the fleet of the Bulgarian carrier 4 new, specially manufactured Е-190 airplanes.